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ral ef●fect was great.It was the fir●st real military footing the● British had in the Indian Peni●nsula.“It was Plassy which forced her to beco●me one of the main factors in the settl▓ement of the burning Eastern Question


; Pl▓assy which necessitated the conquest and colon▓isation of the Cape of Good Hope●, of the Mauritius, and the protect▓orship over Egypt.” By 176▓1, therefore, the French power was b▓ut a name; and, reinforced now from ho●me by three more battalions, of which the 79th ●was one, the British defeated the French at Wand▓ewash, where only European troops were engaged● on the British side.There the ▓old 79th behaved magnificently; and l▓ater on, the war led to the addition of t▓he names of Buxar and

Carnatic (as we▓ll as that of Plassy) to t

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he colours o●f the 103rd. Outline Map of INDIA. ● If Plassy had been the turning-point in the e▓arly days of British effort at conquest●, so Wandewash showed the natives th▓e fighting strength of other foreign aspirants?/p>

?for political power in India besid●es France, and led as direct▓ly to the expulsion of the F●rench from the Indian Peninsula, as did th▓e capture of Quebec settle for ever the riva●lry for supreme power in North America.W●ith this victory the fear of British p●ower among the natives arose and streng▓thened.During all this time, the power ●of the East India Company had been▓ gradually extending, and in 1773 was appointed● the first Governor-General of India, War▓ren Hastings.Meanwhile, as th▓e years crept on, a new native● state was rising, that would also seek by a Fr●ench alliance to check the political advance of▓ Great Britain in India.267 Hyd

er Ali, a● Mahometan chieftain in the army of M●ysore, had succeeded in establishi▓ng himself on the throne of his Hindu pre●decessor.Commanding an irregular army estim●ated at 150,000 men, he was dispos▓ed to be threatening; and on t▓he principle of divide et impe●ra, Hastings proposed to play off, by allianc▓e, the Deccan and Oudh against this ●new disturbing element, which was fast sp▓reading its infl

uence over Western and ●Northern India.In 1

780 the c▓hance arose.Hyder took the offensiv●e, defeated and massacred the small ▓army under Colon

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el Baillie at Conjev▓eram, and attacked Madras, but▓ he was checked finally by Sir Eyre Coote, and ▓in 1783 the general peace put an end to hosti▓lities, though not for long, and though H●yder himself was dead. By this time the Euro▓pean army had slightly increased.To ▓the troops already there had been added the 71st▓ (then the 73rd), the


72nd (th●en the 78th), and the old 73rd, ●and a second battalion of

the 42nd; and these ha●d furnished the backbone of th

e r●esistance against Hyder Ali’s son

T●ippoo Saib. There was ha

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